Refugee Sponsorship

Jamshid and his brothers


This is the frightening story of Jamshid and his family…
Before the Taliban took Afghanistan recently, Jamshid and his family were living peacefully near Kabul. They had a small shop to provide for themselves. Upon hearing the news of the US withdrawal, the family decided that they should leave Afghanistan and sought help. They came into contact with a man that promised to get Jamshid a visa to Turkey, but instead stole all of Jamshid his families savings and hid.
Fortunately, this man was arrested and placed in prison, however, the Hamidi family did not have their money returned. The imprisoned man vowed to obtain vengeance by the killing the Hamidi family for having him imprisoned. 
When the Taliban took Afghanistan after the US withdrawal from the region, they released all prisoners, freeing the man feared by the Hamidi family. Upon hearing the news of the prisoners release, Jamshid and his family fled to a remote location in the desert in search of safety, where they remain.

This fundraiser is to help Jamshid and his family come to Canada and assist with related costs.Please help in assisting this family that has virtually no clothing, food, or proper shelter.

"The savage man was sentenced to three years and six months in prison. My family and I left the city because of this situation and because of that damn person, and we can not go to school or university. And access to raw materials. Clinics, hospitals, etc. We are far from the needs of life, we are in a very difficult situation. Please take us out of Afghanistan, because our lives are in serious danger of death."
- Jamshid Hamidi, c. February 2022.